About Us

EduAdvisor.io is the Global Study Choice Platform

Our Mission : Empowering the world to choose education.

About Us

Established in 2017 The Student Academy is an independent provider of educational resources designed to help students make the right decisions about their future education and careers.

For some, the idea of selecting the right university, the right course and finding accommodation can be daunting. Yet, making the wrong decision could set you back financially and a create an unnecessary road block on your career path.

Eduadvisor.io is a not just a comparison website, but a platform that provides prospective students with relevant, independent and transparent information about higher education institutions, courses, programs and accommodation.  It is designed to help individuals make informed choices when it comes to their future educational and career paths. The site provides a platform where they can make direct comparisons between universities and courses, read about the experiences of past students. We want to support young students at all stages of their career wherever they are and soon we will release new services for consulting, mentoring and events. We also offer other opportunities for our students to take advantage of scholarships, conferences, internships and youth cultural exchanges.

We are always looking to grow our network. Our dedicated team are tirelessly working towards ensuring that users have the most up to date information possible. If you would like to contribute to the site, or share your experiences or thoughts, please send us an email at hello@eduadvisor.io

About Us

From its very conception, EduAdvisor.io was founded to solve (our own) student problems.

It was, and still is,fuelled by a strong believe in the value of international experiences -

Both for the individual student and for society .