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Engomi, Nicosia, Cyprus

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Welcome to European University Cyprus, a University that belongs to Laureate International Universities the largest international university organization and leading worldwide network of quality, innovative institutions of higher education. European University Cyprus holds a very special place in Cyprus and in the region of Southeastern Europe. It is an innovative institution defined by its dynamic integration of advanced educational programs, pioneering research, and extensive engagement with community, industry and society. Moreover, our outstanding learning and teaching that promotes and enhances employability as well as state-of-the-art infrastructures contribute to the overall objective that European University Cyprus is known nationally and internationally as one of the leading institutions of higher education. That is why European University Cyprus forms an essential part of the social and economic fabric of the region of Southeastern Europe. By integrating teaching and research as well as experiential learning in the curricula and practical field work, our Academic Model makes an enhanced student education environment a core part of our operation. As a result, our students obtain both valuable workplace knowledge and civic consciousness. Our high quality faculty – with scholarly international experience - is committed in participating and contributing in the knowledge-based society. Additionally, European University Cyprus is consistently one of the most innovatively inclusive of the region of Southeastern Europe’s universities with a persistent commitment to providing novel ground in development learning practices or/and professional paths forged by our pioneering academic environment. In today’s economic climate, it is even more vital for students to apply for a high-status University that is the No1 choice for synergy or cooperation with prestigious corporations or/and organizations. Microsoft, for instance, has selected the European University Cyprus to cooperate, launch and operate the “Microsoft Innovation Center” (MIC). It is the only one MIC in Cyprus and among the 100+ Microsoft Innovation Centers (MICs) worldwide that create a network of state-of-the-art technology facilities for collaboration on innovative research, technology and software solutions, involving a combination of government, academic and industry participants. European University Cyprus is one of the top universities internationally for attracting students from around the world. The many prospects for our students to study abroad and incorporate an international academic experience into their university education, further enriches student experience at European University Cyprus. At European University Cyprus, sharing Laureate International Universities` vision, we aim to make quality higher education accessible and affordable so more students can pursue their dreams. It’s a mission we believe will help make the world a better place.


The mission of our university is to provide first class education to young people from around the world, carry out pioneering research in a very diverse range of disciplines and serve the community in Cyprus. European University Cyprus is a relatively new university which was founded in 2007. It is however the evolution of Cyprus College which has been at the academic scene in Cyprus since 1961, only a year after independence. Our university is now part of the Laureate International Universities network with more than 85 partner institutions around the world and about 1 million students. Despite its young age our university has already produced excellent research work and is already one of the leading academic institutions on the island. An ever increasing number of our faculty collaborate with scientists from some of the finest universities in the world (Harvard, Oxford, Imperial College London, Cambridge, University College London, King’s College London, Queen Mary, University of London to name a few) and coordinate or participate in a number of prestigious projects funded by the European Commission and the Research Promotion Foundation here in Cyprus. Our faculty members have already made a significant contribution in a very diverse range of disciplines that range from Computer Science, to Natural Sciences, Engineering, Medicine, Health Sciences, Education, Social Sciences, Business and Management. The research activity of the university is spread across its schools and departments and a number of research centers and units have been established.



European University Cyprus offers an extensive Financial Aid Program which aims to provide financial assistance to students who need aid in order to begin or complete their studies at European University Cyprus. There are various schemes to help students financially. European University Cyprus awards scholarships up to 15% on tuition to selected students with outstanding performance (B average and above) on their High School leaving certificate or Bachelor degree. The financial support can vary in the case of outstanding candidates.


Student Services

EUC challenges and supports students in order to facilitate the development of their intellectual, emotional, recreational and career growth. The service attempts to help students in coping with various problems of a personal, emotional and/or interpersonal nature that may constitute obstacles to their adjustment to University, their academic success, and personal growth. Academic advising assists students in wisely selecting and pursuing their academic studies. The orientation program is designed to welcome new students to EUC community. Housing Office is committed to creating a safe and well maintained environment that promotes community and fosters student comfort and development.All international students are covered by a health insurance. An ATM service operates on campus and it is located in the cafeteria.

Housing Services

The European University Cyprus Housing Office is committed to creating a safe and well-maintained environment that promotes community values and fosters security, student comfort and development. At European University Cyprus we are very proud of our housing facilities which have been chosen and designed to address specific needs. We offer a range of high quality housing options, all located close to campus. The housing facilities can contribute not only to your academic achievement but to your social and recreational life as well. Over 140 students can be accommodated in the University’s housing facilities.

Student Life

Campus life

Campus life at European University Cyprus focuses on the intellectual, occupational, social and cultural growth of our students.

About the city

Nicosia is the capital and seat of government of Cyprus, and as such is the farthest southeast of all EU member states' capitals. It has been continuously inhabited for over 4500 years and has been the capital of Cyprus since the 10th century. The Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot communities of Nicosia segregated into the south and north of the city respectively in 1963, following the crisis from 1955–64 that broke out in the city. This division became a militarized border between the Republic of Cyprus and Northern Cyprus after Turkey invaded the island of Cyprus in 1974, occupying the north of the island, including northern Nicosia. Today, the North Nicosia is the capital of Northern Cyprus, a state recognized only by Turkey, that is considered to be occupied Cypriot territory by the international community. Apart from its legislative and administrative functions, Nicosia has established itself as the island's financial capital and its main international business centre. In 2012, Nicosia was the 5th richest city in the world in relative purchasing power.


The institution was founded by Ioannis Gregoriou in 1961 under the name Cyprus College, to provide students with well-rounded programs of study combining academic and practical knowledge. The College became European University Cyprus in 2007, following a change in the law to allow the operation of private universities in Cyprus. All Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD Programs have been approved by the Accreditation Committee of Private Universities of the Ministry of Education and Culture and are recognized worldwide. European University Cyprus has six schools: the School of Arts and Education Sciences, the School of Business Administration, the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, the School of Sciences, the School of Law and the School of Medicine. European University Cyprus belongs to Laureate International Universities, a US-based worldwide network of institutions of higher education founded in 1998. With a membership of over 80 accredited campus-based and online institutions in 28 countries throughout the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East, the network encompasses more than 150 individual campuses and over 1,000,000 students worldwide.

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Engomi, Nicosia, Cyprus

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