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Who we are Neapolis University in Cyprus is a young yet dynamic, fast growing university operating since 2010 in the heart of the charming town of Paphos, on the west coast of the island of Cyprus, offering undergraduate, graduate and PhD programs in both Greek and English. Enrolling at Neapolis University in Cyprus enters students into a high standard, stimulating and enjoyable environment. The biggest advantage of Neapolis is the quality and dedication of its faculty, most of whom have considerable experience teaching and doing research in European and American Universities. Based on such faculty and an ambitious strategy, it is quickly becoming one of the best private universities in Cyprus. What you are expected to do During your time at Neapolis University in Cyprus, whether on a Bachelor’s, Master’s or Doctoral (PhD), you will be expected to attend lectures and other programme related activities and to work independently, either individually or in groups, on assignments. The Neapolis University in Cyprus places great emphasis on developing the intellectual autonomy of the students and has in place a tutorial system to help students achieve that. Academic Calendar The academic year of Neapolis University in Cyprus is divided into two semesters of 13 teaching weeks each. At the end of each semester there is an assessment period in which students sit written examinations. Some courses have additional requirements in the summer.


Neapolis University in Cyprus has amongst its principal goals to be a center of academic and research excellence, not only in Cyprus but in Southern Europe and the Middle East. As such, the University strives to participate in Scientific Projects who will cement its status amongst the Top Research Universities. For these reasons academic personnel and research staff are greatly encouraged to participate in various projects that will showcase their expertise and place solidly the university on the map of research happenings of Europe. To coordinate these efforts the university operates the Office of European Projects, a group of lawyers, financial managers and scientists, that provides support and guidance to the researchers. So far Neapolis University in Cyprus has participated in three cutting-edge projects that merge its faculties expertise in areas such as Civil Engineering, Chemistry and Microbiology, Environmental Management and Impact Assessment and Architecture. Through these efforts the university is building its research infrastructure in order to fully accomplish the establishment of excellent research facilities. In addition, Neapolis University in Cyprus is cooperating with other significant organizations in Paphos, such as the municipality of Paphos, the Paphos regional Board of Tourism and most importantly through a memorandum of collaboration with the organization, which runs Pafos2017 the year Paphos will be one of the two European Capitals of Culture, in formulating and submitting numerous research grant applications for INTERREG, Creative Europe and Med INTERREG programs.



One year scholarships are provided to undergraduate students. These scholarships are automatically awarded based on the general grade of their High School Diploma. Also, scholarships are awarded to athletes who have been distinguished in athletic Pancyprian, Pan-Hellenic or International competitions. After students complete their first year of study, scholarships may continue until their completion of studies, provided that students achieve a general grade of 85% or more in each year of study. The rate of discount provided is calculated upon the approved amount of tuition fees.


Student Services

Student Care provides quality services and information on curriculum, student life, rules and generally anything that students need during their studies at Neapolis University. Essentially the Student Care is the link between students and Neapolis University. The purpose of the Office Student Care is the academic, financial and advisory support for students, as well as the support of graduates finding work or continuing their studies at postgraduate level.

Housing Services

The Student Care is responsible for the accommodation of undergraduate and postgraduate students in student dormitories. It operates a modern accommodation applications management program, room allocation and room rental policies management.

Student Life

Campus life

Life at Neapolis University Campus is a unique experience enjoyed by students during their studies and leads to a building of precious moments and memories that last a lifetime as the student residents develop academically and socially. Neapolis University is committed to creating a convenient and safe environment and has established a diverse, multilingual, multicultural university community, which respects and enhances the free exchange of ideas and lifestyles. The location of the university campus, facilities and services create the ideal environment to encourage knowledge, work and student life, allowing each student to enrich his experiences during his studies. The campus is conveniently located is the heart of town with many amenities within walking distance, such as bus stops, banks, beaches, bars & restaurants, shopping mall and cafes. There are daily bus routes that interconnect the town and also to all other cities and airports.

About the city

The combination of the historical past with the modern world, the mild Mediterranean climate, beaches, natural beauty, its excellent transport to the exterior as well as the number of services it offers make Paphos an ideal place to study. One of the biggest advantages of studying at Neapolis University Paphos is that the educational institute located in the heart of one of the most exciting seaside cities of Europe. Paphos has a permanent population of about 77,800 inhabitants.


The learning procedure at Neapolis University in Cyprus is based on the quality of the academic staff (Faculty) as well as on the use of modern learning technology, which creates an environment that enhances efficiency in the educational procedure. The University has created an academic environment that values and promotes free, active and original intellectual inquiry. Neapolis University Faculty has a long teaching and research activity in their area of interest and motivates students to develop skills of research and the ability to learn autonomously towards achieving academic excellence. We encourage you to meet our faculty!

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