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The vision of the University of Central Lancashire Cyprus is to be recognised as a world-class, r show more...


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OUR VISION The strategic vision of UCLan Cyprus is to build a leading, modern university with a glo show more...




The vision of the University of Central Lancashire Cyprus is to be recognised as a world-class, research-led university, competing successfully and sustainably within a national and international market. We are a University that is recognised for its commitment to outstanding teaching and practical learning, impactful research, innovative thinking and knowledge transfer that adds value to socio-economic and scientific development across frontiers. Our faculty and scholars are distinguished for pioneering initiatives and engagement with industry, professions, entrepreneurs and stakeholder communities. The interaction of research and knowledge transfer with high quality educational and training programmes ensure a currency of knowledge and skills development that in turn will lead graduates to employability routes and access to postgraduate activities. Join us in your journey of learning and continuous professional development, become a partner in our cooperative approach to research exploration, innovation and enterprise. Our mission is to grow via smart strategies and international partnerships, building excellence in curriculum, teaching and learning, executive and professional training, innovative research, knowledge transfer and entrepreneurship in all fields. In our continuous efforts to support the student experience, we are focused on engaging with more strategically vital partners to offer internships and build more continuous professional development programmes, research projects and innovative initiatives. Internationalisation remains core to the UCLan Cyprus ambition and we will continue to develop our international engagement and reputation. Our aim is to provide students with an international experience, increasing their intercultural awareness and to better prepare them for mastering the complex challenges facing our global economy and society. We invest in international exchanges and mobility of faculty, staff and students across UCLan UK, other globally ranked Universities as well as Corporate Partners.


The University is committed to enhancing theoretical knowledge and skills through applied research for the benefit of society, economy and industry. To that end, UCLan Cyprus has established research areas that engage with local and international academic, business, and professional communities and industries. For example, CEDAR- the Centre for Entrepreneurial Development, Alliance and Research develops interdisciplinary research and builds synergetic partnerships across university networks, industry, professions and policy makers. The CISCO Networking Academy is another example of knowledge transfer engagement in which events such as the CISCO CCNA Exploration helps students prepare themselves for successful IT careers in small-to medium business, and in enterprise and service provider environments. Furthermore, the “SK Energy Training School & Research Centre” provides the foundations for research work conducted in the energy development sector especially in the field of hydrocarbons. The Centre applies its expertise in the professional training of young Cypriots to enable them to secure employment in the energy sector. In line with our commitment to support early career researchers, the University has appointed a number of joint PhD scholars, who work with international researchers in the University on joint collaborative research projects with UCLan UK and other universities nationally and across Europe



UNDERGRADUATE SCHOLARSHIPS Half Scholarship of 50% of the full fee for the first year of study A score of 18.5 (92.5%) and above or a score of 300* points in A’ Levels. Conditions of Scholarships: Undergraduate scholarships can be maintained for subsequent years provided an overall average of 70% is achieved with a minimum of 60% in each individual module. Scholarships are calculated as a percentage on the full fee: i.e. A 50% scholarship: 50% x €9,950= €4,975 *For further details please contact the admissions POSTGRADUATE SCHOLARSHIPS UCLan Cyprus is delighted to offer academic merit based scholarships and bursaries, which are open for all postgraduate programmes. Postgraduate scholarships are available for both full and part time students. Conditions of Postgraduate Scholarships: The scholarship comes with a number of responsibilities and expectations. All UCLan Cyprus scholars should be exemplar scholars in both their behaviour and performance during class. They should actively contribute and participate in class discussions and assist in creating a positive, intellectual and exceptional learning environment. *For further details please contact the admissions office:


Student Services

The Student Support Office is a modern and friendly place where students can get support and information on various issues concerning student life and study. The Student Support Staff, Effie Christou -Senior Student Support Officer and Margarita Galosia -Student Support Officer, are available to all students and aim to enhance students’ higher education experience in every way possible. Students can visit them from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday to Friday or obtain information on-line from the UCLan Cyprus Student Portal. Advice on study skills Support or practice for your English modules. Hold workshops to enhance various study skills. One to one support. Guide you through obtaining online information on study skills (e.g. WISER and Skills 4 Study). Guidance on how to avoid Plagiarism. Recruitment of Course Representatives Informing students about Course representatives’ responsibilities. Advice course representatives about the processes/ meetings/ providing feedback. Advice on disability issues Support to students with a physical or learning disability. Information on provisions and assessment procedure. Advice on health and well-being issues Information about local hospitals, doctors, pharmacies Information on alcoholism, drug use, sexual health and other issues related to youth health. Psychological well-being and mental health guidance. Support for clubs and societies Support in setting up clubs and societies. Assistance with finding a place for your club and recruiting more members. Assistance with finding volunteering opportunities. Advice on student life Student discounts. Life in Pyla and surrounding areas. Travelling to and from the university. Coping with life changes that occur during university years: stress, money issues, homesickness etc.

Housing Services

The Student’s Nest is a brand new complex specifically built to complement the UCLan Cyprus state-of-the-art Campus. It aims to meet the accommodation needs of the students of UCLan Cyprus. The location is ideal as it is located within the University campus and therefore has all the facilities and advantages offered to UCLan Cyprus students. Student’s Nest, with its 171 en-suite rooms, provides students with a modern, comfortable and safe environment for a pleasant student life. It is sprawled over an area of 5,500 square meters and consists of 5 buildings or blocks.

Student Life

Campus life

The University of Central Lancashire, Cyprus (UCLan Cyprus), is located in Pyla, Larnaka. Now, in its fifth year of operation, the University is well established with an excellent team of academic and professional staff, and an ever growing family of undergraduate, postgraduate and research students. Completion of studies at UCLan Cyprus will result in a Double Degree (two certificates) from the two Universities, UCLan Cyprus and UCLan UK, recognised not only in Cyprus but across Europe and beyond. Bringing to Cyprus a world-class reputation for academic excellence and innovative thinking, our aim is to develop future business leaders and international entrepreneurs, with the skills and business acumen for success in the modern global economy. This means we are able to offer a unique blend of knowledge, practical experience and modern relevance to equip our students with the qualifications and skills for the international market in employment. All of our programmes of study are evaluated and recognised by the Ministry of Education & Culture in Cyprus and in addition, they meet the high quality standards required by the UK Quality Assurance Agency (QAA). Many of our courses are accredited by professional and statutory bodies, ensuring students meet the standards expected of today’s businesses. As well as benefiting from the highest British and Cypriot academic standards, students will have the advantage of a superlative student experience in every aspect of their university life, whether it’s learning, personal support, facilities and accommodation, employability or enjoyment and fun. Our commitment to this ethos is at the heart of everything we do.

About the city

Situated on the southern coast of Cyprus, Larnaka is known for its beautiful clean beaches, great food and vibrant nightlife. As Cyprus’ most economically important city, it’s the perfect location for a University and its student community. Larnaka is both a modern and culturally rich city, with newly developed shopping centres alongside areas of archaeological importance. There are many attractions including museums, historic sites and festivals, and as well as shopping, there is a wide selection of bars and restaurants to visit, with something for those who enjoy the more lively and energetic nightlife or for those who prefer the more relaxing scene. With the fantastic Mediterranean weather, outdoor leisure activities are very popular. Students can take part in water sports, diving, snorkelling, fishing, hiking, cycling and many more. The waters of the bay are crystal clear and unusually rich in wrecks for exploring, including HMS Cricket, a British helicopter and the Zenovia Ferry. There are many qualified and licensed diving instructors and businesses along the beach areas. Inland, there are many historic churches, archaeological sites, museums, galleries, gardens and other tourist attractions. The most notable are probably the Larnaka fort built in 1625 on the seafront, and the 9th century St Lazarus Church close to the fort. Natural sites for wildlife and beauty include the Salt Lake next to Larnaka, a haven for migratory birds, including flocks of flamingos and other waders. Horse and camel rides and excursions are also available from Larnaka as an alternative to motorised transport or walks, and bikes and quad bikes can also be hired for day trips. Larnaka Airport is the main airport of Cyprus, and is only 4.5 to 5 hours flight time from UK airports. A taxi from the airport to Pyla takes only 15 minutes. A regular bus service is available from Larnaka to the campus in Pyla and vice versa. You can obtain more travel information by emailing Student Support: English is widely spoken, and is the language of instruction at the University, but there will also be opportunities for students who do not come from Cyprus to learn Greek by taking study electives in the language. Traffic follows the UK system of driving on the left. Cyprus is only 2 hours ahead of the UK in time difference, making telephone or internet communication with families and friends between the two countries convenient. Living and studying in Larnaka allows students to flourish in idyllic surroundings whilst receiving a first class education. What’s not to love!


The advancement of science, knowledge, learning and education, through teaching and research for the benefit of the society as a whole The cultivation, transmission, implementation and the exchange of knowledge through sciences The provision of graduate and postgraduate education of high standards that accepts international recognition UCLan Cyprus will be the first British University to operate in Cyprus through its own, brand new, privately built modern campus, offering prime British Higher Education and the highest standards in every aspect of operation, meeting the needs of our students, the community, and Cyprus' economy. UCLan Cyprus will create global opportunities for its students while promoting networking and enhancing employability prospects for a sustainable, prosperous future. UCLan Cyprus will forge successful collaboration with local & global businesses and the public sector in Cyprus and beyond. UCLan Cyprus will provide high quality and affordable British Higher Education for all its students while adopting a rounded approach encompassing teaching, learning and research. UCLan Cyprus’ graduates will be global citizens with innovative thinking for the real world.

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Pyla, Larnaca, Cyprus

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