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Our philosophy is to provide lifelong learning for students by equipping them with the essential academic tools required to promote personal growth and professional development during and beyond their studies. The faculty and staff are committed to providing students with a learning environment that is challenging yet supportive of their personal and academic needs while they study at our educational institution. We aim to provide students with the best education and training opportunities by offering the highest standards of teaching in a friendly and mostly professional environment. The college’s main objectives are to maintain the delivery of high quality academic programmes, training opportunities and services through constant evaluation and upgrading and to continue the ever-increasing progress of a dedicated and experienced faculty through professional development and staff evaluation. Alexander College is dedicated to fostering the individual success of its students and their development as responsible, well-rounded and informed citizens of the world.


The Alexander College Research Center is a reality since early 2015. Its objectives are: (a) The promotion of research, innovation and critical study in connection with the educational mission of Alexander College, the general conditions of Cyprus and Europe, (b) The dedication in the fields of economy, sustainable development, law, arts and culture, education, information technology, international and European relations and cooperation between the Cypriot communities. (c) Conducting studies and research, seminars, conferences, symposiums, conferences, training, publications, partnerships and collaborations with other organizations to promote the above objectives, (d) The promotion of interdisciplinary research, cooperation among peers and other institutions, academics and generally people of letters and arts, (e) The rational management and finding of financial resources to support the objectives and particular finding, acceptance and management of donations and legacies, trusts, financial assistance and contributions, (f) Participation in international research competitions, especially of academic nature ones.



Tuition fees vary depending on the course you wish to apply to. The annual tuition fee for your selected course will also include each year’s registration fee of €1000. Fees are payable before the beginning of each semester however in some cases students may be permitted to pay on a monthly- installment basis if this is deemed appropriate. Applicants should contact the College Accounts Department for the most current information on fees and payment plans at


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Housing Services

Students looking for accommodation have varying priorities; you may be on a limited budget, you may want a quiet space to study, you may want to live as close as possible to the college, especially if you don't have your own transport or you may want to share with or live close to other students so you can socialise and study together. Whatever your concern, the Student Affairs office will provide you with all the necessary contacts to help find a place that’s right for you. You can contact Student Affairs between 9:00am and 2:00pm from Monday to Friday.

Student Life

Campus life

Our experienced lecturers, academic experts and professional support staff are committed to giving you an educational experience that will boost your independence, build your transferable skills and develop your critical thinking. Through innovative learning methods you will be encouraged to strengthen your ability to work and learn independently to put your subject knowledge into practice. There are certain characteristics that everyone at Alexander College shares. Our graduates are academically-minded, research-skilled, practice-informed, innovative, ethical and globally aware. They are ambitious, motivated and ready for work and/or further study. These are just some of the characteristic traits that make our graduates an obvious choice for employment. A College education and a University degree can transform your life and along the way, it will provide you with the opportunity to take risks, challenge yourself, develop independent thinking, achieve your aspirations and build friendships that will last a lifetime.

About the city

Larnaca is a quaint city with a big personality and with a community that embraces diversity in the people who live, learn and work here. Larnaca offers a student life that can be tailored to your own tastes. It’s easy to immerse yourself in exciting opportunities and enriching experiences both in the classroom and beyond. It is a city with vision, vitality and a passion for progress. Getting Around Getting from place to place in Larnaca is made easy by the bus service. Zenon Buses have an integrated system of urban and regional bus routes (the city centre is just a 10 minute bus ride from the college). Due to the city’s layout, distances are quite short so a lot of students prefer to travel around Larnaca by bike or by scooter. If you need to get to somewhere outside of Larnaca, you can take an intercity bus which will take you to all the major cities in Cyprus. Indeed, you can travel even further thanks to our international airport. Accommodation Types There are different types of places students can rent in Larnaca. A house is usually too expensive for one student to rent, but many students share rented suites (a self-contained unit with a kitchen, toilet, bath and bedroom) within a larger home. Apartments are another option, where one has a kitchen, toilet, bath, and one or two bedrooms. Most rental apartments are fully furnished. Working in Larnaca Both International and EU students may search for work whilst in Cyprus but some conditions apply – International students are permitted to work part-time for 20 hours per week during the months where they have to attend classes and up to 38 hours per week during vacation times however six months must pass since their arrival to Cyprus before they can seek employment. Nightlife There is a lot of nightlife to discover in and around the city of Larnaca. Due to its coastal location, Larnaca attracts many vacationers all year round and therefore it is packed with cafes, restaurants, taverns, bars and clubs and also boasts a popular live music scene. Much of the activity is centered on the Mackenzie Beach area and the well-known Finikoudes Seafront, especially during the major festivals. You can find a list of bars and clubs and a six-screen Cineplex in Larnaca here Festivals Larnaca hosts several festivals and events but is mainly known for ‘Kataklysmos’ or the ‘Festival of the Flood’. It is celebrated in early summer with a series of cultural events, live entertainment, peripheral stalls, rides and traditional street food. The Flood festival lasts for about three weeks. Other festivals include ‘Carnival’ – a fun fancy dress costume event which takes place in the winter. ‘The Anthestiria festival’ – a celebration for the arrival of spring and nature’s rebirth’ and ‘The Larnaca Summer Festival’ – for music and performing arts’ Theatres, Museums and Galleries Larnaca supports the arts and hosts a variety of municipality-sponsored and independent cultural events in a variety of venues including ‘The Larnaca Municipal Theatre’, ‘The Garden Theatre in the Medieval Castle’ and ‘The Amphitheatre’- designed and constructed by the prototypes of the ancient Greek theatres used for concerts, dance productions, plays, film evenings etc; You can also find many galleries and art cafes exhibiting art, photography and design works all year round at many locations and a lot of them are free. Sports Larnaca is a city that embraces sports and activity and has hosted many International competitions including the Shooting Shotgun European Championships, the FIVB Beach Volleyball Youth World Championship, the European Under-19 Football Championship final and the European Under-17 Football Championship final. Beach and water sports are very popular in the warmer months and in particular, windsurfing. Larnaca attracts windsurfers from around the world especially in autumn. You can rent jet-skis, go for boat rides, water ski or get some friends together for beach volleyball or beach soccer. If water-based sports are not your thing however, other public sports facilities are available such as tennis courts, bowling lanes, paintball, basketball courts, 5-aside football courts, go-carting, horse-riding, cycling etc Food and Drink You’ll never be short of food and drink options in Larnaca. It is a multicultural assortment of gastronomic enjoyment. You can find cuisines from various nations and to suit any budget and of course all the major fast food chains are available too. If you prefer to cook at home, you can find both local and imported food ingredients at any of the larger supermarkets.


Alexander College works in partnership with the University of the West of England in Bristol (UWE Bristol) and is the only college authorized to offer UWE Bristol Undergraduate and Postgraduate UK degree courses here in Cyprus. Since the partnership commenced in 2012, the University has remained the “highest ranking UK University offering degree courses in Cyprus” (Sources – ‘The Guardian UK University Rankings’ and ‘The Complete University Guide’). Studying on a franchised UWE Bristol course at Alexander College means you are studying on the same course as students currently enrolled at the University of the West of England in the UK. Project briefs, grading systems, module credit values and other aspects of your chosen course are identical and so is the duration of the course – the fixed full time study duration on any of our UWE Bristol BA(Hons) courses is 3 years and between 12 and 16 months on any Master’s course. The two main objectives of this collaboration was (1) to provide higher education standards in Cyprus through the delivery of UK degree programmes whilst providing a more convenient and less costly student experience compared to studying on the same course in the UK. And also, (2) to provide programmes ultimately resulting in internationally recognised UK University degrees. These objectives have now been fully realised since the graduation of our first cohort of students on UWE Bristol courses. The following list provides an outline of just a few of the successful initiatives, schemes and improvements carried out by the University of the West of England before and after it’s collaboration with Alexander College but if you would like to know more, you can visit the UWE Bristol website. UWE Bristol is the largest provider of Higher Education in the South West of England offers over 600 courses at Undergraduate, Postgraduate and short course levels has been certified with the Carbon Trust Standard has Fair Trade Status offers more than £100,000 worth of scholarships for international students each year has academics who work on internationally renowned research projects to enrich students learning produce more world-leading research year-on-year according to the Research Excellence Framework has a 2020 strategy to ensure they continually enhance your learning experience through investment in teaching, research and facilities has 3,400 interactions with 1,125 business and community organisations as a partnership university has won a number of awards and prizes including awards for sustainable buildings, Graduate Fashion Week, the Macmillan Illustration Prize and numerous successes at the annual New Designers exhibition.

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